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iPhone XR repair in London - Call Out Service

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Common iPhone XR max faults:

1. Improperly functioning touchscreen.

The reasons for this may be very different, from mechanical impact to issues related to the CPU or the motherboard. Therefore, the repair of iPhone in this case depends entirely on the results of the preliminary diagnosis.

2. Battery drains too fast. iPhone C plus battery doesnt hold the charge.

The specialists of our center test all structural elements to identify the exact cause of this trouble. By determinig the fault of motherboard or battery. Sometimes this could be due to overloaded software problem.

3. Sticky Home button

The reson behind this is when the device gets liquid damage. By careless handling telephone, for example, using iPhone XR max with wet hands, in result formation of condensation inside it, which leads to corrosion of the elements inside the phone. Unfortunately, this quite often.

4. Random Reboot

This problem is caused by software failures, problems with the power amplifier or damage to the PCB. With the right technique this fault can be repaired.

5. Poor or cracking sound in speaker and microphone

What is so special about our service?


Speed. Most of the repairs we carry out within an hour.

Quality. All of our technicians have experienced mindset and have professional tools to deal with all kind of issues.

Reliability. All repairs covered by the warranty. Quality parts used. Friendliness. We love our customers and mainly passionate about what we do.


Popular repairs: iPhone XR max Screen repair, iPhone XR max Battery Replacement, iPhone XR max Charging Port Repair

Other : iPhone XR max Liquid Damage Repair, Full Diagnostics Service, Home Button Repair, Power Button Repair, Replace Rear Housing, Loudspeaker Repair, Headphone Jack repair, Front Camera Repair, Rear Camera Repair, Other Repair (Ask us)


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